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Weddings are a uniquely special occasion, and as such demand an equally special wardrobe. For many, especially here on the West Coast where we typically don’t dress up or wear suits very often. As such, it can be quite daunting when beginning to look for the appropriate attire for your wedding day. We offer a vast array of inventory at all times, which allows each wedding party to find something unique for them. However, this many options can be overwhelming, which is why we take care of everything for you.

The process is quite simple – The “wedding couple to be” comes to the store and explains what they’re looking for, what sort of aesthetic is created by their venue, colours, and personalities, and other considerations such as weather and season. Lucas, ( myself) will then curate a couple of different approaches to putting all of these pieces together. After the couple has decided, their work is done, all that’s left is for the wedding party to come get their measurements taken, (the couple to be is not required to come with them) and then the rest is in the hands of Lucas. Once all of the measurements have been received, we can move forward with ordering, tailoring, and final fitting processes. While this entire process can be done in about 3-4 weeks in slower periods, we typically ask that you leave about 3-4 months to put it all together. This accounts for delays in receiving measurements, as well as the delays typically present during the wedding season, such as dramatically increased tailoring times (usually 4-6 weeks).

There are many different options and routes to take, and nothing is truly set in stone, it is your wedding after all, though there are some general guidelines to give you a solid foundation that I will elaborate on, I’ll also go over pricing expectations.

The modern “Rental Alternative” – $300-$450.

For many years it was common to rent suits or outfits for your wedding day, as it was a simple and inexpensive way to find something to wear. However, this was a system built around convenience more so than it was around practicality, quality, and style. A rental suit, typically, is rather ill-fitting, due to the nature of needing to fit you and dozens of other people. Meaning you’ll have a suit that “ fits” but is often not “ fitted”. Rental options tend to be between $200 and $300 now, which is a dramatic increase over the last ten years. Our least expensive suit option is a full suit ( jacket and pants) for $275, available year-round in a large variety of colours and sizes. This is a common route for wedding parties to take when budget is a concern, though it’s important to note that these are still quality suits, they are as inexpensive as they are due to the fabrics used. Our higher-end options (discussed later) are all wool or premium cottons, which are more comfortable, last longer, and most of the time also look better, but there are of course costs associated with this. Factoring in a shirt and tie, total cost for each member of the wedding party using these suit options is typically around $400, not including taxes. This is a higher cost than renting, which it should be of course. The value, apart from owning a suit instead of renting one, is that they are properly fitted, new, and unique. Some of these suits can be found on our website here. 

Wool Suits – $500+


Wool has been the fabric of choice for suits for as long as suits have been a thing. Wool is lightweight, breathable, naturally wrinkle resistant, naturally has some stretch, and is naturally anti-bacterial. Typically when people think of wool they associate it with heavy wool sweaters, though the wool used for the sweaters is much different from the wool used for suits. Our wool suits in-store range between $500 and $700, they too offer an incredibly large variety of fits, colours, and fabrics. Most commonly, we will see the groom and parents of the bride and groom in wool, while the rest of the wedding party will typically opt for a less expensive option. The most notable difference, in my opinion, is the comfort and breathability of wool, especially on the nerve-wracking and often hot day that is your wedding. Some of these suits can be found on our website here.

Custom Suits $995+

We also offer a made-to-measure program, which is a pick your fabrics, designs, buttons, etc for your suits. These are all wool, which is a large portion of the cost associated with them, but they are also custom-made for you, which achieves a perfect fit that is otherwise very approachable, but not quite possible to achieve otherwise, mostly due to the nature and structure of a jacket. A custom piece is a great option for somebody looking to have something special for their wedding day, or if there are particular fit concerns that can’t be navigated using tailoring methods for off-the-rack options. Typically these problems present themselves when bodies aren’t proportional, such as having a broad and muscular chest, but a slim waist. There are hundreds of options for custom pieces, and they take about 8 weeks from start to finish.

Beyond suits, there are endless other options for your wedding party. Some more casual options include a dress pant, shirt, and suspenders, or for a hot summer wedding perhaps a light-weight cotton chino. There are a variety of ways to dress an outfit up or down with accessories, colours, and fabrics, which wedding shopping easier than you’d think for those with more particular requests. Some exciting things to consider can be found on our website here. 



Congrats on your engagement! I look forward to helping you all very soon! I am always available.


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