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Now that the blazing heat of October has passed, we’re finally getting into the season of wet and wintery weather. While November’s rain and cold may not seem a reason to celebrate, it should be, because it means it’s now time to put away the Hawaiian shirts and break out your best jackets. If you’re the typical Canadian who’s used to just wearing T-shirts in the snow, fear not, Cameron James is here to give you the need-to-know on all different styles of jackets.


If there’s one thing you can be certain of in BC, it’s that it WILL rain. I’m not a gambling man but I’d even go so far as to bet that it will probably rain A LOT. It should be no shock to you that the best thing to wear in the rain is a raincoat (it’s in the name after all): and we’ve got plenty. My personal favorite of the Fall season is Tom Tailor’s softshell rain jackets. We have these jackets in the three neutral color options of black, navy, and light grey. I have the black myself, so if you’re also a medium what can I say except you snooze you lose. The sleek red and white accents make these jackets a stylish addition to your fit when worn open, and for when the rain is really coming down, there’s a water-resistant hood that zips into the collar. We believe that men’s wear should be fashionable AND functional, so whatever rain jacket you’re wearing, you should try to make it a part of the outfit instead of just an afterthought.


If you’re looking for something on clearer days that’s stylish but still casual, bomber jackets are the way to go. A longstanding staple in West Coast fashion, these jackets look great paired with everyday fits like jeans and a T-shirt. For example, this brand new Minimum modern bomber has a charcoal gray and navy plaid pattern that makes it a perfect match for any darker pair of DU/ER jeans. Its wool blend and sherpa collar make it so you can wear this jacket throughout even the coldest months, and Minimum’s commitment to creating sustainable clothing means this jacket makes you feel good in more ways than one.

If you’re after something a bit fancier, look no further than Bugatchi’s gorgeous quilted goat suede bomber. Lucas won’t stop raving about this jacket, and good luck coming into the store without him asking you to touch it. While I won’t force you to feel the jacket, I will contend that being 100% goat suede it’s insanely comfortable, and the light grey color means it looks great with just about anything.


Now for my favorite type of jacket: the overcoat. Overcoats are a lot heavier than the aforementioned styles of jackets, so I recommend saving them for Winter. I’ll usually start wearing mine in November, and I’ll wear them through to early March (so long as there are no Spring snowfalls). Overcoats are intended to keep you warm and protect your more sensitive clothing from the elements: being longer in the sleeves and generally extending to the knee or thigh so that they can be worn atop a suit. Because we love overcoats so much, we carry them in just about every color you could want: black, charcoal, light grey, navy, burgundy, wine red, mocha, and brown.. My personal favorite of the season, and probably my favorite item in the store right now, is Bugatti’s textured charcoal and brown overcoat. The coat has a removable liner, and it’s surprisingly breathable, meaning you can wear it both on a crisp winter day or during the annual BC blizzard. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves as to how classy this coat looks. Its textured fabric of neutral tones makes it the perfect fit for any winter wardrobe. Just don’t buy the last size 38 please because I’m trying to persuade Lucas into giving it to me as a Christmas bonus.



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