Our Story

Who is Cameron?

Having grown up in Mission, I always thought I’d finish school and move away to someplace bigger. Though these last few years, surrounding myself with this lovely community, I have come to realize exactly who and where I wish to be.

Finally, I am proud to present Cameron James Men’s Wear. You can find me in Mission’s retail core, the Junction Shopping Centre, probably steaming a shirt, tying a tie, or measuring a suit.

While my interest in fashion sparked my beginnings in the industry initially, it is the endlessly rewarding experience of working with and meeting others that has kept me here. That’s not to say beautiful clothes play no role in my business, however.

Why Choose Cameron James Men’s Wear?

Lining my shelves you will find brands and pieces that I have hand-picked myself, and while everyone has different tastes, I am happy to offer a variety of options for all customers. Whether it be a beautiful silk tie for your wedding, or a crisp shirt for your next interview, or even a flattering pair of jeans for a night out, there’s something for everyone and every occasion.

Finding flattering or fitted clothing can often be a frustrating process. It is my goal to make this as easy as possible for you. With an extensive knowledge on tailoring possibilities (primarily because I am so particular about how my own clothes fit) and access to a master seamstress, there’s rarely a customer I can’t have looking their best.

Join Us In-Store Today!

Those that know me, know this venture is the right path for me to take, and for those that don’t, I’m looking forward to meeting you soon so that I may share it with you. This is a lifelong journey, and not one that I would ever dream of doing alone. It is both my pleasure and a great honour that I am so fortunate to be able to cross the paths of so many wonderful people through my work and my passions. I look forward to seeing you all very soon!